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Jigsaw Puzzles

Thinking of purchasing jigsaw puzzles? They are popular gift items. My Mum has always got one underway! Here is how you can buy some beautiful puzzles featuring my images.

Jigsaw Puzzles

a purple floral jigsaw puzzle
Dreams Of Lilac Clematis Jigsaw Puzzle

Puzzles At My Pictorem Store (North America Only)

I have well over 1500 jigsaw puzzle designs available at my Pictorem store which is my main art sales outlet. Just click on the link and use the search to find the subject that interests you. Alternatively you can click on my collections and browse the images to select the puzzle for you.

This video gives you a flavor of 25 of the jigsaw puzzles that I have available at my Pictorem store.

About the Jigsaw Puzzles At Pictorem

The puzzles are available from Pictorem with free shipping in the USA and Canada.

Unlike traditional printing, this artwork is precisely produced by sublimation print. Pictorem utilize heat and pressure to transfer images directly into the surface of the puzzle, bonding the image to the substrate at the molecular level. All protected by a high-gloss varnish.

The puzzles are available in four sizes, 120, 315, 500 and 1,000 pieces. 30 days satisfaction guaranteed. Click here to browse my collection of images.

Puzzles At My RedBubble Store (Worldwide Shipping)

a collage of Italian archways as a jigsaw puzzle
Italian Archways Collage Jigsaw Puzzle

I have a range of 40 jigsaw puzzles available at my RedBubble storeChoose from five sizes: 30 pieces, 110 pieces, 252 pieces, 500 pieces, or 1000 pieces. Puzzles are composed of high-quality chipboard pieces with vibrant sublimated print. They come packaged in a gift-ready metal box with the puzzle image on the lid. Click here to see what I have available.

Puzzles At My Pixels Store (Worldwide Shipping)

Vineyards and cypress trees as a jigsaw puzzle
Cypresses And A Vineyard In Umbria Jigsaw Puzzle

I have 25 jigsaw puzzles available at my Pixels store. Puzzles are available in two sizes, 500 and 1000 pieces.

If you are looking for something specific get in touch and ask me if I have it available or could produce it for you. My work is available for licensing, just contact me to discuss your ideas.

You can get in touch with me directly by sending a message via my Facebook page.

Follow me on Facebook, Mastodon and Twitter. I also have a YouTube channel and a podcast.

Images (c) Dorothy Berry-Lound 2000-2022