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Greeting Cards

I have a wonderful selection of greeting cards available at my RedBubble store. Below, I set out the collections that you can browse through. Note, the copyrights you see on the images below do not appear on the printed cards.

About The Greeting Cards

My greeting cards are available in two sizes,10×15 cm (4×6 inches) and 12.5 x 19cm (5×7.5). There are discounts for buying more than 10 or more than 50 cards and you can mix and match. I know some people who buy all their greeting cards for the year in one go! Some of my customers have bought them in bulk for resale in their own gift shops.

But what type of greeting cards are available?


A greeting card design comprising warm colours of pinka nd orange blending with hearts descending and the words For My Lovely Sis Heartfelt Birthday Wishes
For My Lovely Sis Heartfelt Birthday Wishes

Need a greeting card for a birthday? I have you covered with my large collection of beautiful cards. You will find something for everyone, including cards for individual family members such as brother, Stepfather, aunt etc, as well as friends and neighbors. You will even find cards from the dog or cat. See more at my birthday card collection.

The front of a greeting card featuring pink roses and the words Happy 80th birthday
Happy 80th Birthday

There is also a series of cards for people who have attained special age birthdays, from age 65 up to 110.


A greeting card featuring pink Japanese parasols and cherry blossm with the words Happy Anniversary.Whether it is a card for your other half or for friends or relatives, you will have find something perfect in my anniversary card collection.This includes cards for those who are celebrating particular years such as their 45th wedding anniversary, for example.

Valentine’s Day

Two old teddy bears are hugging each other, a boy and a girl bear. There are the words Grow Old With Me and Be My Valentine
Grow Old With Me – Be My Valentine

It you want something unique for Valentine’s Day you have come to the right place. Check out my Valentine’s Day collection.

Mother’s Day and Father’s Day

A beautiful white lenten rose with the words Happy Mothers Day
Happy Mother’s Day

Whether you want flowers, cute animals or motorcycles on a greeting card to celebrate Mother’s Day I have you covered with my Mother’s Day collection. You will also find cards for stepmom.

Detail of an antique tractor with the words Happy Fathers Day
Happy Father’s Day

For Father’s Day I also have a great range of cards including for stepfather.

Oh! And don’t forget Grandparent’s Day.


A greeting card showing different colour flowers with the words Congratulations On Your EngagementSuch a special moment in a couple’s life (at any age!) when they get engaged. Mark the occasion with one of my special engagement cards.

Weddings and Honeymoon

A wonderful medleu of white roses and a heart with the words On Your Wedding Day
On Your Wedding Day

I have a small selection of lovely greeting cards specifically for a wedding day. And also for the honeymoon! Check out my wedding collection here.

New Baby/Family Member

A greeting card featuring a black dog and the words A New Baby Yeah!A new baby or family member brings joy! Celebrate by sending one of my lovely cards.

Greeting Cards From Pets

A curious tabby cat looking down with his tail upright. Has the words Happy Easter From the Cat
Happy Easter From The Cat

Yes, our furry friends also like to send the odd greeting card. Find out what I have available in my pet card collection.

In Sympathy/Sorry For Your Loss

A greeting card showing sun rays entering a church window and a stand with lit candles. It has the words Remembering With YouWhilst words can often not be enough, sending someone a greeting card so they know you are thinking of them can be so important. Check out my collection of in sympathy cards. There are also some condolence cards on the loss of a pet.

Miss You/Welcome Home

A black dog depeicted within a blue mosaic style with the words Missing You
Missing You

When someone is away, perhaps serving in the forces or on a long trip, it is nice to be able to send them a greeting card saying how much you miss them. There is also nothing quite like the joy of welcoming someone home. You will find a range of cards in my collection for just such occasions.

Good Luck

Pretty pink flowers, a green background, and the words Good Luck In Your New Home
Good Luck In Your New Home

Whether it is a house move, a promotion or examinations, a good luck card is always very welcome. You can see my range of good luck cards here.


A greeting card showing a cat created in a yellow mosaic style against a blye background, with the word CongratulationsIn a world full of heavy vibes, something to celebrate lifts your heart. My collection of congratulations cards certainly rises to the occasion.

I also have a separate collection celebrating graduation.


A greeting card featuring orange and peach primulas and the words Happy Easter
A greeting card featuring orange and peach primulas and the words Happy Easter

Celebrate Easter by sending one of my lovely greeting cards.


A skeletal cat in rainbow colours against a black background with the words Trick or TreatHalloween – trick or treat! Make someone’s day really creepy with one of my Halloween cards.

Christmas and New Year

A greeting card featuring a black dog with a red tshirt and a santa hat sitting next to a pile of wrapped gifts. As the words Happy Christmas From All Of UsOne of the biggest times of year for greeting card sales is the Holidays and Christmas period. I have cards for just about everyone in my Christmas card collection! And remember you get fabulous discounts for bulk purchases. Also check out my New Year collection.

Thank You

A greeting card showing a group of lenten blooms and the words Thank You So MuchThere are so many reasons to send a thank you card. Perhaps someone has bought you a lovely gift. Or surprised you with something special. Or maybe you just want to tell someone how much they mean to you as a friend. You can see my range of thank you cards here.


A greeting card showing a coot swimming away in blue water. Has the words Hear There is A Pary! Follow Me!Having a party, getting married, organising a family celebration? You can find my invitation card collection here.


A detail of an old tractor with the words On Your RetirementRetirement is such a huge milestone in someone’s life and merits a special greeting card. Whether it is for family, friends or work colleagues you will find something in my retirement card collection.

Sorry I Am Late/Apologies

A greeting card with a buff coloured duck running towards the viewer. It has the words Sorry I'm Late.Whether you have forgotten a birthday or anniversary, or realise you were completely in the wrong about something, I have just the right apology card for you.

Get Well Soon

A greeting card featuring a pink parasol on an orange background and the words Get Well SoonWe all feel unwell at times, but sometimes it is serious and perhaps feels overwhelming. Sending a get well soon card tells someone that people are thinking of them and are sending them good vibes. What’s not to like about that? You can find a lovely range of get well cards in my collection.

Blank Cards

If you prefer greeting cards with no words then I have a (very) large number of those available from my RedBubble Shop. Most of the images I have created are available in that format so there are rather a lot to look through. If you are looking for something in particular just get in touch with me.

You can get in touch with me by sending a message via my Facebook page.

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Images (c) Dorothy Berry-Lound 2000-2024