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Spiritual And Healing

Spiritual and healing energy work is an important aspect of both my art and writing. Let me tell you a bit about it.

Spiritual And Healing

In Photo Painting

A photo art piece of part of a town wall with an archway and behind a church with cupola and cross and a bellow tower. Predominantly blue, ghostly effect.
Weathering The Storm

I don’t see things quite the same as other people. When I take a photograph I can often see a different version emerging in my head, one that tells a story and builds upon the energy of the image. When I work on a photograph using art software programmes, I keep working and working until I can’t see colours in my head any more. Usually, to me, that means the piece is finished. Sometimes, as I see something to photograph, that final version is so prominent in my head that, I can see the final version with all my added textures and colour changes. I then feel driven to work on it and get it completed.

In Original Paintings

A painting in white, gold and copper with pink. It shows the head and shoulders of a person, bald, eyes closed, head to one side as if in contemplation, looking a bit like a Buddhist monk. From the heart centre of this person bursts rays of white light.
Spiritual Self-Portrait

In my paintings, I don’t aim for realism as such. I aim to get down on the canvas the feeling, mood, or message I am trying to convey. I have a very free painting style, usually accompanied by the burning of incense and dancing around to music. I usually have a clear vision of where I am going with the feel of the piece and how I think the end painting will look. And I work, and work and work until I have no colours left in my head. At which point I consider it finished.

Positive Energy

A stylized view of a landscape in twilight, with the shape of a hillside and suggestion of shrubs and a tree. The sky is shades of blue and pink and the land is shades of purple. There are three grouped bright lights under the tree, suggestive of fireflies.
Landscape Mist

With my work I try to include a positive energy, something that makes the viewer feel good and that will enhance the mood of any room in which my work is hung. Some of my art is specifically designed to impart a healing energy. This is done perhaps through the specific use of colour, message or subject. There really aren’t enough positive vibes in the world we live in, so I see my role as an artist as helping to redress that!

Examples Of My Spiritual And Healing Work

I often work in series as I follow through a particular idea or theme. Here are a few examples.


A painting depicting the symbolic figure of an angel that fills most of the painting, a golden figure with outstretched wings. The sky behind is dark blue and troubled with large black objects heading towards the angel. The angel is protecting children, it has three in its arms and there is a whole group of children with arms outstretched pleading to be picked up, or climbing the angel's robe.
Protect The Children

Some of my photo art and painting explores the concept of angels, often in the form of Guardian Angels. For example, my piece ‘Protect The Children’ depicts a golden angel protecting a group of children.

Sphere Series

A stylized painting showing a golden figure walking through thigh high grass under a tree and looking up towards the sky and fluffy white cloudes. A series of four coloured spheres follow the person, they are each an individual colour, red, orange, yellow and green. From the head of the figure arise three other spheres, one a rich blue, one a darker blue and on e that can only just been seen and appears half black and half white.
You Are Never Alone

I have had a sphere series of paintings that I add to every year or so. The symbolism of the spheres varies. It might be suggestive of chakras, or energy points in the body. It might refer to periods of time (like time bubbles). It could be thought forms. Much is left to the interpretation of the viewer.

Artwork With Calming Mantras

Pastel shades with the face of a golden Buddha, eyes closed in meditation and pale shades of blue green, red and pink swirling around. At the bottem, wirtten in brown/red colour, is the mantra Om Mani Padme Hum.
Om Mani Padme Hum

I use mantras a lot during the day and during meditations. And while I am painting. I sometimes write mantras as a hidden message on canvases underneath a painting. I created a series of images with some of the most popular and well known mantras.

Spirituality In Writing

I have many, many notebooks with my thoughts and ideas including poems, essays and explorations of philosophies. I do occasionally write about these in my blog. Inbetween my latest artwork or exploration of an art-related subject, you will find a poem or a blog, for example, exploring spirituality in art. I also write articles for magazines and publications and am always open to being approached for contributions.

Where you can buy my spiritual artwork

I have a collection of spiritual images available as fine art prints at my site on ArtHeroes. There is a collection of spiritual images on RedBubble and also on Pictorem.

If you are looking for something specific get in touch and ask me if I have it available or could produce it for you. My work is available for licensing, just contact me to discuss your ideas.You can get in touch with me by sending a message via my Facebook page.

Follow me on Facebook. I also have a YouTube channel.

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