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I hope you will share the joy in my art that I have in creating it.

Colourful abstract painting with puddles of mixed acrylic colours, predominantly red, white, gold and yellow, smashed against a dark gray background
Cosmic Hammer Smash

Are you looking for art for your home or as a gift? My work is available from:

RedBubble – A variety of prints, home decor and gift items. Worldwide shipping.

Pictorem – High quality prints including jigsaw puzzles and artistic wall clocks. Free shipping within USA and Canada.

ArtHeroes – Beautiful fine art prints available across Europe (excluding UK) with free shipping to many countries.

WerkAanDeMuur РThis is a Dutch website which is part of the same group as Art Heroes. You can buy prints of my images  in various formats including as a round print and an outside canvas. Delivery throughout Europe (excluding UK).

There is a hint of a Buddha face behind colourful clouds. You can just see one eye that is closed, and highlighted in dark blue, the edge of a nose and the suggestion of a mouth. The rest of the piece is a relaxing and peaceful, dreamy collection of pastel colours all intermingling.
Mind In Meditation

My Aim

An Italian courtyard scene. We look down a flagstone path, past various containers planted with flowering plants, many of them white flowers. It is nice and shady and the buildings are dark sand coloured. As we look further into the centre of the image we see a courtyard in full sunshine with a table, with a tablecloth, and chairs, just behind a water station. Beyond the table there is a half open wooden door in a white building. There is a sign for a restaurant. It looks very inviting.
Floral Courtyard Cortona

I create art you will love having in your home. It will make your heart smile! Why do I create my art? It makes me happy! I believe in having fun while creating – it brings out the child in all of us!

A colourful abstract painting featuring clouds of white, gold and yellow against shades of green and blue
Pop Culture

My Art

I work from my art studio looking out over fabulous views of the Italian countryside. Usually accompanied by the lovely smell of incense and some loud music to dance to! I use a variety of techniques for my work, including painting in acrylics. I am a highly spiritual person, and often that is reflected in my artwork. I also, really enjoy creating my colourful painted abstracts.

An abstract acrylic painting featuring deep purple, lilac shades and pink with yellow highlights.But I also specialize in photo art, also known as photo painting. This is where I take my own photographs and then enhance them digitally on my computer to give them an artistic feel. In my processing of the photographs I endeavour to give the piece a feeling, an emotion, of how it felt to stand and look at a particular scene, for example. 

A cheeky gray tabby cat peeks through a doorway. The doorway is light wood and the door is only slightly open. We can see part of the head and shoulders of the cat. One ear is clearly pricked, the other is slightly hidden by the doorway. She is staring quite intently at you.
Looking From The Other Side

Art subjects vary from travel images to cat and dog portraits. Central Italy, London, the South East of England, Copenhagen, Marrakesh in Morocco and Madeira in Portugal all feature.

I have some beautiful floral works available as well as classic cars, motorcycles and Samurai armour. As you can see, I have quite an eclectic collection that is worth browsing through. Don’t forget to check out my Jigsaw Puzzles that are available from various outlets and I have a series of calendars that are also available.

Two beautiful purple clematis blooms with bright yellow, spikey centres, sit mingling with green leaves. The colour on the flowers is dappled with light and shade, so the purple varies from very pale to quite dark. The contrast of the purple with the yellow stamens is quite striking.
Clematis Azure Pearl

My art includes original paintings that I have made available to purchase as prints from my print stores.

I am a keen storyteller and write a blog including my thoughts on art, living in Italy and various short stories. It is very fulfilling to be able to combine my art and writing. I also guest blog for various publications.

A vintage style, black and white photo of an older man and woman, both wearing glasses and looking very happy.
Dorothy and Barnet Boy

Get In Touch

If you are looking for something specific get in touch and ask me if I have it available or could produce it for you. You can get in touch with me directly by sending a message via my Facebook page.

Don’t forget to follow me on Facebook. I also have a YouTube channel.

Images (c) Dorothy Berry-Lound 2000-2024