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a collage showing a range of images and art by Dorothy Berry-LoundWelcome to my website, I hope you will share the joy in my art that I have in creating it.

an abstract painting with cool blues and greens

Are you looking to buy art for your home or as a gift? In the menu above you will find links to where you can buy my art work. There are four main sites I use to fulfill my print orders:

  • Contrado – featuring a selection of my abstract paintings and a wide range of fashion, home and lifestyle products based in the UK but ships worldwide.
  • OhMyPrints – I am gradually building my portfolio on this site that offers beautiful fine art prints in a variety of formats. Free shipping in Germany, Belgium, Austria, France, Luxembourg and The Netherlands. Reduced shipping rates for the rest of Europe. The site is only available in French, German and Dutch so you my need Google Translate.
  • RedBubble – Over 3,000 of my photo art images and paintings available to purchase on a variety of prints, home decor and gift items. Ships worldwide with 10 printers based in different countries including USA, Australia, the UK and seven European countries; and
  • Pictorem – Just under 3000 images available in a range of high quality print formats and as jigsaw puzzles. Based in USA and Canada with free shipping within those countries. Rolled prints can be shipped worldwide.
The hint of a Buddha face behind colourful clouds
Mind In Meditation

So wherever you are from you should find a store that will meet your needs. Check out my Limited Edition Prints and my Jigsaw Puzzles that are available from various outlets. And don’t forget my beautiful Images of Italy.

an Italian courtyard scene
Floral Courtyard Cortona

My Aim

I create art you will love having in your home as it will make your heart smile! Why do I create my art? It makes me happy! I aim to promote life, work and energy balance through my art, poetry and writing. Promoting the use of art for enhancing the mood of the environment in which a piece of art sits is an important focus for my work. And I believe in having fun while creating – it brings out the child in all of us!

a bright orange abstract painting
Orange Zest

My Art

I work from my art studio looking out over fabulous views of the Italian countryside. Usually accompanied by the lovely smell of incense and some loud music to dance to! I use a variety of techniques for my work, including painting in acrylics. I really enjoy creating my colorful painted abstracts which are now available on some absolutely stunning home decor, lifestyle and fashion products at my Contrado store as well as on prints at my other stores.

a purple and pink abstract painting
Purple And Pink Dip Fantasy

But I also specialize in photo art, also known as photo painting. In my processing of the photographs I endeavor to give the piece a feeling, an emotion, of how it felt to stand and look at a particular scene, for example. I create art that you will enjoy having in your home or business as fine art prints or on interior decor products.

a tabby cat peeks through a doorway
Looking From The Other Side

Art subjects vary from travel images to cat and dog portraits. Central Italy, London, the South East of England, Copenhagen, Marrakesh in Morocco and Madeira in Portugal all feature.

I have some beautiful floral works available as well as classic cars, motorcycles and Samurai armor. As you can see, I have quite an eclectic collection that is worth browsing through.

two purple clematis blooms
Clematis Azure Pearl

My art includes original paintings that I have made available to purchase as prints. This short video will give you an overview.

My Writing

I am a keen storyteller and write a blog including my thoughts on art, living in Italy and various short stories. I believe strongly in having fun with what you are doing and I am really enjoying creating art and storytelling. It is very fulfilling to be able to combine my art and writing – welcome to my world! I also have a podcast where I narrate my short stories.

picture of a woman
Dorothy Berry-Lound – ShannathShima

If you are looking for something specific get in touch and ask me if I have it available or could produce it for you.

You can get in touch with me directly by sending a message via my Facebook page.

Follow me on Facebook,  Mastodon and Twitter. I also have a YouTube channel and a podcast.

Dorothy Berry-Lound in Paciano, PG, IT on Houzz

Images (c) Dorothy Berry-Lound 2000-2022