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Images Of Italy

Have you been to Italy on holiday? Would like to have a fine art print to remind you of the good times you had? Images of Italy feature strongly in my portfolio as I live in Umbria in Central Italy, not far from the border with Tuscany. I am proud to have made my home here, half way up a mountain, overlooking Lago Trasimeno down in the valley below. Living with my husband, Barnet Boy, our two dogs and a large troop of cats led by Ms Steve Mouse, we have found our heaven on earth.

Images Of Italy

An impressionist style photo painting of a beautiful autumn dusk and the last rays of sunshine fall on the trees in the foreground that are in full autumn colour. Behind the trees, on a small hillside is a church with a belltower. The sky is a mix of shades of blue.
San Donato Church In Sunshine

The Countryside Smiles

There is something about the light in Italy and the effect of sunshine on stone-built houses. It makes you feel warm even when the weather is chilly! On the coldest days of the year, when the sun shines the countryside smiles. And you will find me out with my camera looking for those perfect shots to create photo art images.

An impressionist style photo painting of a countryside scene. We look through the trunks of several trees, across grass towards and old wooden well that has a wooden ladder leaning against it. To the right of a well a dog has stuck his head up to see who is taking a photograph. In the background there are olive trees and shrubs rising up on a hillside.
Find Peace In Umbria

With my photo art, I aim to get across the feeling of what it was like to stand and look at the view. Not just what my eyes saw but what my heart felt. It is a passion I want to share with you. It makes me happy, which I think comes across in my art.

Surrounded By Olive Groves

An impressionist style photo painting of a really old olive tree with a wide, split trunk and huge branches with cascades of leaves hanging down on all sides. The tree sits in an olive grove with grassland and a small cat can just be seen walking to the left of the tree, with his tail in the air.
The Cat And The Olive Tree

I live in an organic area, surrounded by olive groves. We have our own small olive grove as well as fruit and nut trees. Each season brings a stage in olive oil production, from pruning in spring to picking the olives in autumn. The changing times of year also bring glorious fields of red poppies growing wild in the countryside and cultivated fields of bright yellow sunflowers.

A photo painting of a vineyard in autumn. The vineyard is planted in a hill side with a mild slope to the right. All the vines have changed to gorgeous shades of yellow and gold, just before they wil lose their leaves. In the foreground, a new area of vineyard has been created, with wooden stakes at an angle providing tension to the wires that will eventually have grape vines trained up them.
Grape Vines In Autumn

A bit further afield there are vineyards, where some of the famous Italian wines are produced. As well as looking wonderful laden with juicy grapes, the vines look incredible as they change colour in autumn. It is not suprising that the changing seasons, the olive trees and nature feature strongly in my work.

Lago Trasimeno Magic

A predominantly blue image of boats moored at a marina with an Italian town on the hill opposite. The boats in the foreground are tied up to wooden moorings and have covers on them. Looking across the blue water a landing stage can be seen on the opposite bank and a town rising up on the hillside beyond.
Moored Boats at Passignano Sul Lago

The proximity to Lago Trasimeno, the largest lake in Central Italy which is visible from my house, gives me lots of scope for photography. Beautiful towns and villages edge the lake and there is a nature reserve with abundant bird life. The lake itself is always busy with fishermen and boating, as well as the ferries that connect the towns along the lake side. My portfolio includes images of Castiglione del Lago, Passignano Sul Trasimeno and more. As well as everyday life in the area, my images show the local food and attractions.

Medieval Architecture

An interesting view under an archway in a medieval hill town in Italy. There are lots of textures in this image. A street lamp on the wall lights the entrance to the archway and we can see the red brickes with which it was built and also where the plaster has worn off after years of use. Looking through the archway is a grey stone-built building with a window, but there is also the suggestion of earlier windows that have been closed in.
Underneath the Arch Panicale

Where I live, the nearest village is Paciano, a medieval walled community with fabulous buildings. Nearby, Panicale is a walled medieval town sitting high on a mountain side with spectacular views in all directions. Citta della Pieve is another walled medieval town high on a mountainside with an intricate maze of streets and alleyways. The rooftops of these places are dominated by the bell towers and spires of churches.

This is a photograph looking from shade under an archway to sunshine beyond. The shade is very dark in the foreground under the archway which is part of a medieval town wall in Italy. Looking through the arch there is brilliant, bright sunshine highlighting the buildings behond, and you can see the traditional stone built architecture, windows and shutters. In the middle distance is another smaller archway that connects one side of the street with the other.
Arch To Arch

These places speak of their history and they are a treasure trove of beautiful architecture including archways and old stone built structures. Old wooden doors with ornate decoration and marble architrave are also sights to behold.

Having Fun

A busy scene of eople eating under large umbrellas in front of medieval town walls. There are flag poles hanging out of the wall with various different colour and design flags that represent the different contradas or groups within the town that compete at festival time. To the right, behind on eof the flags, can be seen an archway leading through to another part of the town.
Festa Fun in Citta della Pieve

At festa time, these towns and villages are a maze of activity. Each one divides into contradas, a subdivision based on locality. The contradas compete with each other in various games and the walls of the towns are festooned with contrada flags. The fun and celebrations may go on for several days and great fun is had by all.

All of this you will find reflected in my collection of images of Italy.

Where You Can Purchase My Images Of Italy

My images of Italy are available as fine art prints in a variety of formats. Many are also available as jigsaw puzzles.

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