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The purpose of my art blog

Having a blog allows me the opportunity to combine my images with writing. In the same way I am ‘seduced by colour’, I enjoy expressing my ideas and exploring in more detail the background to some of my artwork. This really combines my skills as visual storyteller and author – my writing can draw you in while you enjoy my art illustrating the blog. It seems like a good combination to me. I rarely talk about politics or religion, I focus on art, history, Italian towns and events. I also talk about my lifestyle up the mountain in Italy and all of my animals. All of the things that matter to me and make my heart smile.

You can read an interview with me where I talk more about my blog.


I also create the occasional Vlog (video blogs). This one from early March 2018 talks about my future plans for my written blog.

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Time for Wine

My art blog is posted every Monday and Friday and looks at my latest work, interior decor ideas, my animals, my life in Italy and the occasional rambling about something that has caught my attention.

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Recommended Blog Reading

A separate page on my blog is called ‘Recommended Blog Reading‘ and this provides a suggested list of blogs for different groups such as interior designers/art consultants, creatives, cat/animal lovers and visitors to Central Italy. Grouping subjects together makes it easier for those looking for a particular resource or information.

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International Bloggers Association

I am a member of the International Bloggers Association which gave me an award of excellence in writing and design for my art blog.

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