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Having a blog allows me the opportunity to combine my images with writing. In the same way I am ‘seduced by colour’, I enjoy expressing my ideas and exploring in more detail the background to some of my artwork. This really combines my skills as visual storyteller and author – my writing can draw you in while you enjoy my art illustrating the writing. It seems like a good combination to me. I talk about all of the things that matter to me and make my heart smile.

As well as art related posts, you will find lots of interesting stories in my blog relating to cats, cat health and short stories. Some dog stories too! Plus a look at lifestyle issues including food and upcycling of furniture/items. Travel is also a key theme with posts about Italian towns and villages, as well as some in the UK. London gets its own category with a whole range of posts about famous tourist destinations.

I write when the mood takes me, inspired by something that has happened, a new piece of art or new collection I have created. Or perhaps it is a special/national day that I go off, research and write about.

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Images (c) Dorothy Berry-Lound 2000-2022