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Limited Edition Prints

Are you looking to buy limited edition prints? I am pleased to be able to offer a small range with two main themes, each is a limited print run of 50 and comes with a Certificate of Authenticity.

Limited Edition Prints

These limited editions are available exclusively from my Pictorem store. This artwork can be shipped worldwide when ordered on Canvas & Poster Roll. Any other format including, Stretched Canvas, Acrylic etc, ships only in North America (Free shipping).

Hado Energy Series

A colourful abstract made up of four large circles, two in the top tird of the piece and two in the bottom, with three black wavy lines connecting them horizontally. The circles have black outlines and are coloured with a combination of shades of purple and red. The rest of the image comprises a series of smears in different shades of red, pink, turquoise and yellow.
Hado Series 19

The concept of Hado has existed in Japan for centuries. The actual Japanese word ‘Hado’ means wave, motion or vibration. Hado is the energetic vibrations that are in all things, both animate and inanimate.

It is said that our thoughts create energetic waves that affect our physical realities. The more positive thoughts we have, the more positive energy we create around us. This affects everyone and everything that comes into contact with us. It can promote healing which particularly interests me given my work in the field of healing art.

A yellow and blue abstract piece with two circles in the top third of the piece and two circules in the bottom third, both sections connected by red wavy lines. The circules contain shades of blue and yellow. The centre of the image features a symetrical shape of interlocking circles in shades of blue, with a central design of purple, dark blue and pink. The background, and highlights, are a bright yellow.
Hado Series 8

With my Hado energy series of images, available only as limited edition prints, I have set out to explore the concept of Hado visually. I use linking shapes, wave forms and suggestion of energetic vibration through color. Each image in the series depicts a subtle thought form. The viewer will feel drawn to particular images in the series that fit with their own energy.

This video provides a brief overview of my Hado Energy Series.

Rune Collection

Imagine out of the mists of time, a piece of wood from a shipwreck drifts along in the ocean. The smoke of conflict floats around it. On that piece of wood there is a symbol waiting to be discovered. But what is it? And what does it mean?

A mysterious, soft, smokey effect piece of predominantly shades of brown, grey and blue. In the centre can just be seen what looks like a piece of wood with a symbol on it that looks like a P but with straight edges.

Mystic and mysterious, that is the premise behind my Runes collection of images, a series of digital paintings depicting all 24 runic symbols. These are available only as limited edition prints exclusively from Pictorem.

Centuries ago, runes were a form of communication, originating from an ancient form of the Germanic alphabet. The Vikings relied upon these symbols for writing but also to tell fortunes (divination), cast spells and provide protection. They left behind a large number of documents in stone, wood and metal all written in the runic alphabet. Each rune represented a letter of the alphabet but they also have symbolic meanings too. Each rune also covers a specific period in the calendar. So, imagine how cool it would be to have your birth rune on your wall at home – plus it would make an exciting and unusual, gift for someone.

Where To Purchase?

Buy a limited edition print now from my Pictorem store.

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