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The following video contains the pieces that featured in an online exhibition (1-31 December 2017) entitled ‘Moments of Stillness’.

My introduction to the exhibition said:

“Moments of stillness are hard to come by with the onslaughts of negativity that surround us. Every day a new tragedy, a new horror story, more conflict. We are constantly reacting to the latest events.

Sometimes we can help, whether by donation, volunteering or just holding positive thoughts for a good outcome. Other times we can feel helpless and sit watching things unravel around us.

Under those circumstances we need to find our sacred space, that place within us where we can find peace and tranquility. Often discovered through spiritual practice and meditation, our personal sacred space helps us live our lives the best we can, with compassion for ourselves and others.

The images in my December collection were inspired by my own personal sacred space. I hope the healing and positive energy they transmit help you find your own moments of stillness, away from the madness.”

All of the pieces in the exhibition/included in the video are available to purchase as fine art prints from my online gallery.

New Exhibition Announcement

I am pleased to say that I have agreed in principle to a three month exhibition of my work in Castiglione del Lago in Umbria, Italy in 2019. Obviously early planning, but I am very excited to be working to a theme as an ongoing project for this year. I will post further details when they are confirmed.

My Paciano – Il Mio Paciano 2016/2017 Exhibition

Exhibitions and Events

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A major exhibition of my work was held in Paciano in Umbria, Italy which ran from 30 October 2016 to 6 January 2017. The exhibition was developed in association with my local authority (the Comune di Paciano) and looked at my life as a local artist and the influences and inspirations I gather from my surroundings. Called My Paciano – Il Mio Paciano, the exhibition contained 23 pieces.

A book is available of the exhibition pieces on Amazon, you can preview and purchase a copy of the book by clicking here.

You can view and purchase prints from the exhibition and other images from Umbria in Central Italy via this link.

For those buying on-line, fulfilment is by Pixels who have printing facilities across the world which keeps shipping costs to a minimum. For example, Europe is served by the print facilities in either the UK or the Netherlands, the USA has several print facilities.

Please use the contact form to get in touch with me to discuss your requirements.

My Paciano Exhibition Video

The following video of the exhibition images was used at the inauguration event at my exhibition in Paciano, Italy and I gave a presentation, in Italian,  explaining the thinking behind each piece.

Press Coverage for the exhibition:

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