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Attention Art Consultants and Interior Designers

My Art in your room

Living Room with Dreams of Lilac Clematis

I have art for sale as prints from a variety of outlets (listed below). It is also available for licensing if, for example, you need a great image for a book cover, CD, website or promotional project. I have a contract with ArtLicensing to act as my agent. I will rent/lease my work and I also accept wholesale purchases from corporate art consultants and interior designers. Just contact me to discuss your project.

Where You Can Buy My Art

I have a number of outlets where you can buy my art for sale and which you pick may depend on where you live. I have provided information on the best places to purchase prints/products depending on geography/shipping charges. Please bear in mind that each site has a slightly different mix of my artwork available.


Art for Sale

FineArtAmerica/Pixels – Find posters/art prints, framed, canvas, metal, acrylic and wood prints, packs of greeting cards, throw pillows, bags and notebooks. Not all of my images have the products activated but all are available as prints. Pixels is my primary recommended provider for prints.  This is because there are printers around the world that produce the prints.

Prices for prints start at around $19 (approx £15 or €17  subject to exchange rate variations).

Please note, however, the products are mainly manufactured in the USA and you may have to pay customs charges on those products. Because of this, for home decor products I recommend my RedBubble store (see below).

To see where things are manufactured by FineArtAmerica/Pixels click here.


Art for Sale

Clothing Examples

RedBubble – posters/art prints, canvas, metal and framed prints,acrylic blocks and art boards, individual greeting cards as well as a large range of clothing including dresses and scarves, home decor and other items such as notebooks, laptop skins and mugs.

Not all of my images are available via RedBubble but I have a large inventory there.  It is easy to upload an image if you have one in mind.

If you live outside the USA, where items are manufactured varies and you may have to pay customs charges on those products BUT the great thing about RedBubble is that they will refund you those charges, see here for more details. That is why RedBubble is my recommended provider for products if you live outside the USA.

To see where things are manufactured by RedBubble click here.


art for sale

Clematis Azure Pearl available on ArtPal

ArtPal – poster, framed and canvas prints, mugs. All manufactured in the USA.

My personal favourite images are uploaded on this site, so while it is a limited selection I have personally chosen them.

Collections include creatures, Italian places, spiritual, floral, London, classic cars and motorcycles, exotic including oriental and more.

Prices for a small print start around $15 (approx £12 or €13  subject to exchange rate variations). Shipping rates are reasonable within the USA.

Art of Where

Art of Where – if you live in Canada this is the one for you, a small selection of my work in a series of collections offering a range of clothing (including baby leggings and beanies for example), some great bags and artwork.


Photo4Me – if you live in the UK, I have a small selection of my work uploaded here which offers prints that are manufactured in the UK and with free UK delivery. If you live in the UK and would like to see a particular image available on this site for you to purchase just get in touch with me.

Signed, Cards

Signed, Cards – if you live in the USA or know people that do, I have a large greeting card selection available on this site. Cards include birthday, anniversary, wedding, congratulations, sympathy, special days (eg Mother’s Day, Valentines, Halloween, Christmas) and a range of ‘senior’ cards for those aged 60-100. Ordered on-line, Signed, offers some cool technology where you can upload a message in your own handwriting and the card is sent on your behalf. Postage is free. Only available to be sent to addresses in the USA. All greeting cards are made in the USA.


Bearing All In Umbria

Art For sale

‘Bearing All in Umbria’ is the diary of Toby Bear, who was brought to Italy by his Mummy in 1997 just in time for a large earthquake to strike. Little did Toby know, life would never be the same again. Now out of print, I have a few copies left for sale, contact me if you are interested. As there is some interest, a Kindle version might be made available later this year.

The Journey

Art for sale

The Journey

A book I wrote a few years ago called ‘The Journey’ is available from Cityscape Books. Published in 2003, it is a story told in poetry form illustrated by some of my paintings.

I am Stevie Mouse

art for sale

I am Stevie Mouse now published

My latest book is called I am Stevie Mouse‘. Stevie Mouse is a rescue kitten with a touching story and a lot of attitude! The book explores it all and of course is illustrated by my fine art photography.

You can buy the book as a softback from Amazon or with a hard cover and dust jacket from Blurb.

All images (c) Dorothy Berry-Lound 2000-2019


Through my licensing deals you can also find my work at various retail outlets including Fulcrum Gallery, All Posters,,, Framed Art, Urban Loft Art and Canvas Gallery Art.

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