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Whether you are looking for face masks, jigsaw puzzles, other Christmas gifts or art for your home or office you can buy my art for sale from the outlets listed below. If you have any queries please contact me via my Facebook page.

Buy Stylish Face Masks

Face masks to suit all tastes, available in different sizes (including for children). Fitted masks are also available on certain designs. Masks are here to stay so why not wear something stylish and artistic? Mix and match for your outfit or special event.

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New Christmas Greeting Card Designs!

Discounts when you buy more than three. Click on the image to go to my Greeting Card gallery on RedBubble.


Large range of products, world-wide printers. Click on my portfolio below and enjoy!

Latest News: Backpacks, duffel bags, jigsaw puzzles, magnets and aprons are now available!!!!


High quality fine art prints for sale including high quality metal (brushed and HD), wood, canvas, acrylic and poster prints, wall murals and split canvases. High gloss PUZZLE PRINTS now available on many images! Available in four sizes. Enjoy putting the puzzle together and then hang it on your wall. Free shipping in USA (printer in New York state) and Canada (printer in Montreal). International shipping is available but only for canvas and poster prints in rolls delivered in a tube. Click below to visit my Pictorem portfolio.

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Art of Where

My ‘Colour Harmony Collection’ on Art of Where offers a  large series of  designs on a range of clothing (including kimonos,baby leggings and beanies for example), some great bags, stationery and accessories including face coverings/masks. Made and shipped from North America. Click the image to see my Art of Where portfolio.

Example collection art for sale

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Signed, Cards

Only available to be sent to addresses in the USA. If you live in the USA or know people that do, I have a large greeting card selection available on this site. Ordered on-line, Signed, offers some cool technology where you can upload a message in your own handwriting and the card is sent on your behalf. Postage is free. Click the image to see my range of greeting cards.

art for sale

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Bearing All In Umbria

Art For sale

One of the first books I wrote, ‘Bearing All in Umbria’ is the diary of Toby Bear, who was brought to Italy by his Mummy in 1997 just in time for a large earthquake to strike. Little did Toby know, life would never be the same again. Now out of print, I have a few copies left for sale, contact me if you are interested.

The Journey

Art for sale

The Journey

A book I wrote a few years ago called ‘The Journey’ is available from Cityscape Books. Published in 2003, it is a story told in poetry form illustrated by some of my paintings.

A review (April 2019) – ShannathShima shares her journey toward enlightenment through heartfelt poetry. Her writing depicts steps along the way as her soul opens to the Ultimate reward.  

As her Spirit opens, we share how she accepts walk-ins and finds true meanings to life, something that cannot happen unless the person has prepared spiritually.
This is a special little book full of personal experience and reward that reminds us to deepen our own purpose and seek the reward from our journey. Mary Deal

I am Stevie Mouse

art for sale

I am Stevie Mouse now published

My most recent book is called I am Stevie Mouse‘. Stevie Mouse is a rescue kitten with a touching story and a lot of attitude! The book explores it all and of course is illustrated by my fine art photography.

You can buy the book as a softback from Amazon or with a hard cover and dust jacket from Blurb.

A review (October 2017): Stevie Mouse is one lucky cat whose near misfortune turned into a blessing not only for this beautiful kitten but for its human parents and fur siblings. A wonderful book documenting Stevie Mouse’s life through photographs and words, you will learn about animals’ keen awareness of their environment and their reactions to sadness and enormous joy.

The author, Dorothy Berry-Lound is a gifted artist and writer who draws you into the story. This book is a heartwarming written and visual narrative of how animals personalities and intelligence touch all those around them. I highly recommend this book. J Drew

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