Enlightenment is Within our Grasp

Enlightenment is Within our Grasp

I undertake commissions and would be happy to discuss any ideas you may have and work with you to produce something as a gift or for a particular setting.

Recent Commissions


On Your Wedding Day

A recent commission was for a new website and involved my working on a series of photographs and developing them as ‘photopaintings’ to create a series with a clear theme and linkage. The photographs were provided by the client on this occasion.

Earlier this year I completed a commission to design a unique greeting card for a spring wedding. I must have done a good job as they have come back and commissioned me to create another wedding card, but this time a winter wedding!

In May this year I was asked to create a scatter cushion/throw pillow using one of my existing designs. This was a special birthday gift. In July I was asked to create a couple of family portraits.

Previous Commissions

In the past I have undertaken several commissions including the image shown, ‘Enlightenment is Within our Grasp’ which was commissioned as the main image for a spiritual website. I was left to come up with my own design to interpret the theme of ‘enlightnment’ and it is an acrylic painting on canvas.


Runes Set

Another commission was to design a set of runes for rune readings website. The challenge here was to produce a set of runes that could be used as part of automated rune readings but also be available for sale on tshirts and other items. I produced the complete set of runes and individual runes with transparent backgrounds such that the prints, tshirt  and tote bag colours could be changed to suit the purchaser. You can see how the final runes looked on the rune readings site.


Coping with Change

I have undertaken commissions for individual charities and organisations including this one for a Parkinson’s Disease charity. This particular commission gave me the opportunity to explore a subject combining my healing art and photopainting techniques. Having researched the subject I then explored the healing colours that might be appropriate. I used a model to pose in the typical stance of someone with Parkinsons and also again showing someone in despair being comforted. Then all of the elements were put together to create this piece that was received gratefully by the charity concerned. Prints of this image are available on at my online gallery.


Missing Daddy


Little Emmy









I have also undertaken commissions for animal portraits using photographs and photopainting techniques. These are just two examples of my work. The first ‘Little Emmy’ is of my kitten and the second ‘Missing Daddy’ is of my dog Barnie.

How to Commission Me

If you have an idea about a commission you would like to discuss please contact me at d.berrylound@gmail.com. If you have a photograph you would like me to work from in order to create a special gift then please note that whilst the composition of the photograph doesn’t matter so much, it does need to be in focus. If you are not sure just send me the photograph via email and I will review what can be done with it. If the commission involves a photoshoot please note that you will be charged for my time and travel expenses for taking photographs as well as any photopainting processing work I may undertake.

Follow Me

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