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About Me

Dorothy Berry-Lound – ShannathShima

I am Dorothy Berry-Lound but am also known as ShannathShima. This is a spirit name given to me a long time ago.

About me

Festa Time in Citta della Pieve

I promote life, work and energy balance through my art, poetry and writing. A fine art photographer, I specialise in photo-manipulation or photo-painting. I use my own photographs and then work on them digitally to develop the story of the images further.

Promoting the use of art for healing and enhancing the mood of the environment in which a piece of art sits is an important focus for my work.

I am also a keen writer – my blog, short stories and more.

My Background

About Me

Brighton Pavilion Rear Side View

I was born in Brighton, England and It was at high school that I was introduced to art and was completely smitten by it, thanks in large part to a very enthusiastic art teacher!

Once I started drawing, painting and reading books about artists and art techniques I couldn’t stop. That enthusiasm has never dimmed and I continue to be ‘seduced by colour’.

About Me

Find Peace in Umbria

I now live in a beautiful old farmhouse up a mountain near Paciano in Umbria, Italy. I live with my husband Barnet Boy, two dogs and a menagerie of cats. A lot of my inspiration comes from my surroundings and the beautiful towns and villages of Central Italy.


CQMy Writing

I write a quarterly column called ‘Halfway Up A Mountain’ for CQ International Magazine (CQI). My column reflects on my life in Italy and looks at the changing seasons, local festivals, Italian lifestyle and more.

As well as my own blog, I write as a guest blogger at Our Arts Magazine and Katzenworld and have authored several books.

If you are interested in novelettes by indie authors (and more!), I can recommend you take a look at the Electric Eclectic website.

Awards and Special Mentions

About Me

Best Photopainter 2015 Award Certificate

I was awarded Photopainter of Year 2015 by CQ Magazine.

ribbon-for-botanicals-2016-artists-1In May 2016 I won two awards at the Light Space & Time Botanicals 2016 Art Exhibition held by Light Space & Time Online Gallery. A special merit award for my piece ‘Ghostly Primulas‘ and a special recognition award in the photography and digital category for ‘Vainglorious Violet‘.

In April 2017 I won a special merit award at the Figurative 2017 Art Exhibition held by Light Figurative RibbonSpace & Time Online Gallery for my piece ‘Coping With Change‘.

About MeIn January 2018 I won a special merit award at the All Women Art Exhibition held by Light Space & Time Online Gallery for my piece ‘Mind in Meditation‘.

Comments About My Art

Here are a selection of comments I have received on my work

About Me

View from Moiano to Chiusi

“Bellissime stampe nate dall’amore e passione sinceri di questa artista per l’Umbria.” (Beautiful images born from the love and sincere passion of this artist for Umbria) Chiara

“Très joli toute vos publications merveilleux si mon appartement était plus grands je serait tenter bonne continuation” (Very nice all your wonderful posts if my apartment was bigger I would be tempted) Annie

“Thank you so much for sharing your art, it is bright and inspiring! :-)” Adrienne

“Virkelig godt lavet billeder” (really well made images) Thony

About Me

Gorgeous Hydrangeas

“Dorothy your art is absolutely stunning, out of this world beautiful. You are so very talented.” Debra

“Bonitoooooo” (Beautiful) Catalina

“WOW!!!! how wonderful is that” June

“What a fantastical photo! You got the viewpoint just perfect” Marla

“I love this tree picture. Putting the ends together and blending them is very genius. Also the curvature line qualities are engaging.” Robert

“Fabulous image. It speaks to my heart.” Roy

“Gorgeous colours, energy and textures Dorothy, wonderful work!!” Robyn

Articles/Press Notices

About me

The Blue Lambretta

May 2017 – Article/Interview in Blog Monkey 101

November 2016 – Interview in 1stAngel Arts Magazine

October 2016 – Article about my Paciano exhibition in the Corriere Pievese.

August 2016 – I was a featured artist on Artsy Shark in August 2016 with a wonderful article about my approach to art where my work was described as “mesmerizing and beautiful”.

May 2015 – An article about my spiritual work appeared in The Healing Power of Art and Artists.

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All images (c) Dorothy Berry-Lound 2000-2018

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